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Monday, September 23, 2013

Tot school, vacation, and coupons!

So it has been a long time. I really need to get better at updating this. Things have been hectic around here. Last month we started homeschooling our oldest. Were using the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum, and I love it! Jax has had so much learning Genesis so far. I even set up a little learning nook.

We also made it up to Maine! It was only for a few days but it was so much fun. We ate our weight in lobster and Ty finally got to meet most of my family up there. I even took him to a few houses that are for sale. It was awesome to get to show him why I miss it so much.

And lastly I have been couponing like crazy again trying to get my stockpile back up. I have been posting the pics on Instagram!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas goodies!

Christmas was good for us. I got a new vacuum sealer and KitchenAid. Both have definitely gotten there money's worth of use so far. I hit up a bunch of good meat sales this week and stocked up. Then I pulled out my sealer and went to work. My next project is to get the deep freeze reorganized. It is packed full, I tried talking to the husband about buying a new one, and even found one for $50. He kept saying we don't have room for another one. Boo. 

We have started monthly menus instead of weekly. We kept finding ourselves never agreeing, not getting anything out until 4pm, or just not updating the menu. We were spending so much on food for dinners. So now at the beginning of the month I take an hour and plan out the entire month. After that I write a list of everything we need for those meals, cross off what we already have in the stockpile, and then check sale ads for the rest. I have seen a huge reduction in our grocery budget. I want to keep seeing that number come down. Its a game for me!

Another big thing for me is that I have completely cut out paper towels from our budget. I made myself 24 unpaper towels. One side flannel, the other terry. I just got sick of spending money on things that you throw away. Now the only "disposable" item we buy is toilet paper!