My Librarything!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My name is Ashleigh.....

And I am a pinterest addict. Every recipe I have made over the past 2 weeks and Ty's fathers day gift, anniversary gift and card were all from there. I spend hours each day going through and pinning things like crazy. Tyler will mention something and I scream "Oh I have that pinned!" Im quite proud of myself for the things I have made off of there.
In other news the twinkies had their 9mo appt this past week. I am proud to say they are 19lbs and 20lbs. All from breast milk alone. They have quadrupled their birth weight! They have also caught up on all their milestones to their actual age and not adjusted. My babies are getting so big, before I know it they will be 1. They are crawling all over and even walking around tables and such. Its so hard to believe that at this time last year I was a miserable pregnant lady.

Until next time....

Monday, June 11, 2012

So it begins!

Today was my first offical day as a stay at home mom! I feel like I got a lot accomplished. I got the van registered, made the twinkies chicken with acorn squash (it was not a hit), cleaned the kitchen, and made a delicious chicken and artichoke lasagna. I also ordered another diaper, oops. It feels wonderful to not have my cell phone going off every 15mins. Im getting quite crafty too, i've already made 4 more wool dryer balls. I have also finally got pictures printed so I can catch up on my scrapbook.
The twinkies are both getting huge. They are both crawling and starting to pull up. I will be dead when they both start walking. Especially since the older one already gets into everything! Its going to be a very busy week. I've got an eye doc appt, the twinkies 9mo appt, and start my physical therapy for my knee. Oh the fun!