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Monday, September 23, 2013

Tot school, vacation, and coupons!

So it has been a long time. I really need to get better at updating this. Things have been hectic around here. Last month we started homeschooling our oldest. Were using the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum, and I love it! Jax has had so much learning Genesis so far. I even set up a little learning nook.

We also made it up to Maine! It was only for a few days but it was so much fun. We ate our weight in lobster and Ty finally got to meet most of my family up there. I even took him to a few houses that are for sale. It was awesome to get to show him why I miss it so much.

And lastly I have been couponing like crazy again trying to get my stockpile back up. I have been posting the pics on Instagram!

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